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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Questions – Our Answers

You may be new to IV drip therapy. No worries! We are glad to answer all of your questions. Some of the most common questions are included below. If you do not find what you are looking for, please submit your question on our Contact Page.

Does it hurt to get an IV?

Most people feel a slight pinch when the IV is started and no pain for the rest of the process.

How long does it take to get an IV?

If there are a few people in your group, or if you are using more than one service, the process could take a bit longer. For most individuals using one service, the process typically takes about 60 minutes.

How do NutryDRIPS benefit your brain?

Depending on which drip you choose, you could experience increased mental clarity, elevated concentration levels, and enhanced cognitive function.

What benefits can I expect from an IV vitamin boost?

The benefits are many and include: (1) natural energy boost, (2) strengthened immune system, (3) regulated sleep, (4) stabilized mood and appetite, and (5) enhanced performance.

Why are IV drips better than oral vitamins?

According to experts, oral vitamins typically have a 30% absorption rate. Many of the intended nutrients are lost through digestion. In contrast, IV drips provide a 100% absorption rate. They are administered directly into the blood stream.