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For Mamas-To-Be


Lactated Ringer, Vitamin B-Complex, B12, and Magnesium.

For an additional charge, Zofran may be added when appropriate for patient needs.

Reduce Morning Sickness

Let’s face it – pregnancy is not always a walk in the park. Some mamas-to-be face severe morning sickness. The anti-nausea ingredients in this drip can help you get through the misery.

Boost Your B12

B12 is found in pre-natal vitamins and is important during DNA synthesis and may help prevent neural tube defects (NTDs).

Just What Your Body Needs

Vitamin B1 raises energy level and regulates the nervous system. Vitamin B2 Maintains energy, good eyesight, healthy skin. Vitamin B3 promotes healthy skin, nerves, and digestion. Vitamin B6 helps form red blood cells and reduce morning sickness.

Note: Information on this page is from the American Pregnancy Association.