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Mobile IV Therapy

We are a full-service mobile IV therapy team bringing a healthier lifestyle to wherever you are. Our services are essential for a life on the go. Be the best version of yourself. Treat yourself today.

What We Offer


We only hire registered nurses to deliver IV therapy. All of our services are overseen by our licensed medical director.


We come to you including your home, office, hotel, or other. We want you to relax and enjoy the process.


Our services are designed to cater to you personally. We have IV therapy drips to meet your needs.


Our passionate team of medical professionals is committed to helping you improve your health & wellness.

Through a direct surge of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, immediate hydration is delivered to provide energy, focus, and improved health. We’ll help you choose the right iv therapy drip for your situation.

Our Drips


Improve immune function & combat oncoming sickness with a megadose of Vitamin C along with other essentials.


A high dose package filled with the antioxidants, vitamins & nutrynts you need to get your mind and body on the path to feeling your best. 


Suffering after one too many last night? Hangovers affect your body for up to 24 hours after the alcohol has cleared your system. NutryCOVER targets nausea & dehydration to get you feeling yourself sooner. 


Turn back time & repair cellular damage with the powerful anti-aging molecule, NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) and other hard-working components.


Combat your migraine from developing further by reducing inflammation and improving neuromuscular function. 


A performance recovery infusion to accelerate muscle recovery, improve circulation and help you level up against your competition.


For the mamas-to-be who are suffering from severe morning sickness & nausea. This drip is designed to rehydrate you and give both you and the baby the nutrynts needed to feel your best. 


Just need a pick-me-up? This basic drip helps you de-stress as you are infused with the B-Complex your body needs. 

What are people saying about NUTRYNT?

Mark DeLaPiedra
Mark DeLaPiedra
The team from Nutrynt did an excellent job! We were run down from holiday preparations and projects and needed a lift so we called Nutrynt for IVs. We talked to Noah who made easily scheduled our appointments. Next, the provider came to our home and did an excellent job making us feel comfortable and getting us through the process. It was literally painless!
Chandler Benedict
Chandler Benedict
Without a doubt one of my favorite company’s to go about when coming to IV therapy. From their awesome nurses, to their products everything about this company is legit. Always making an effort to satisfy their clients needs at any given time of day. 10/10 would, and will be using this company again!
Kenny Nessler
Kenny Nessler
Unfortunately I came down with Covid, the first day it hit me hard, Nutrynt came right out immediately after contacting them. They were incredibly easy to work with & had me feeling so much better within an hour!
Drew Inness
Drew Inness
Me and my wife love Nutrynt . Definitely the best products in their drips out of any IV company. Friendly flexible and good customer service!
Brennan Martin
Brennan Martin
The best service in the business! I highly recommend Nutrynt for anyone in the area!
Jake Huey
Jake Huey
Excellent service. Timely and friendly. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a IV.
Heather Cobb
Heather Cobb
This service is great and Ali was absolutely wonderful! She was so patient with me (I'm weird with needles) and so helpful in figuring out what would best help me. Already feeling better :) Will definitely use this service again!
Mary E
Mary E
The RN who administered the IV was professional and prompt. The therapy was the needed "boost" to rid my ailment once and for all! I called on a Saturday morning and she was here by noon'ish the same day. Definitely recommend Nutrynt!
Alex L.
Alex L.
So wonderful, Allison is amazing. Very professional and friendly ☺️. Took my medical history and vitals, asked me about my symptoms to help me pick the vitamin cocktail that would benefit me the most. 100% recommend! Got to do it on my couch in front of the tv. Will be doing this again!

Relax and Take Care of Yourself

Our variety of health services are delivered to your home, office, AirBnB, or wherever life takes you. From mobile IV therapy hydration to COVID-19 tests, we’ll take care of you where you’re most comfortable.

In case you just want to be sure…


Rapid COVID Tests

If you just need peace of mind or if you are required to test by school or work, we have you covered.

Sit back and relax. We are here for you.


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